My very own logo!

Whew! After weeks of toil and frustration, I have settled on a logo for new in nippon. I hope you like it! I wanted to keep the logo simple while trying  an Asian theme by utilizing a few of my new favorite design elements.

I really love the organic shape of the ginkgo leaf.

When we were visiting the oldest ginkgo tree in Japan earlier this spring, I was inspired by the simple, yet identifiable shape of the leaf.  I brought back a leaf from the tree to use as a design inspiration. The color I chose is from the Pantone Fall 2011 color report, the color is Pantone 14 – 0740 . I found this color is similar to the yellow hue of the ginkgo leaf during the fall.

In addition, I worked in the circle as a tribute to my host country taking the circle element from their flag. The circle represents the East and also since the shape represents the rising sun I felt that it could also signify the hope of a new beginning and the optimism I feel about the future!

Please let me know if you like the new logo!


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