The Ever Elegant Kimono

Yes, fashionable japanese ladies still wear kimonos. Usually they are worn on special occasions, such as a wedding or some other milestone event. The quality of the silk and the elegant color combinations, which are intended to reflect the four different seasons are awe-inspiring. I wish my camera could pick up the color nuisances!



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4 responses to “The Ever Elegant Kimono

  1. kelliebuelo

    beautiful! i’ve always thought kimonos are so gorgeous. have you purchased one yet?

  2. Gorgeous komono!!!!!!! You are right, there is so much that the camera leaves out!! Some things just can’t be fully appreciated until you see them in person, but I think you are doing a great job getting as close to that feeling as possible!!! 🙂

  3. kelliebuelo

    oh good! i would, too!

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