America Day: Red, White, and Blue!

Every year during the first week of june, Misawa AB coordinates with Misawa City to host a festival called “America Day”.  Local japanese folks can enjoy live music, carnival food, and photo opportunities just as if they were at a typical festival in the U.S. This year there were many live country western bands and a special performance from the Pacific Air Force Band. The weather was sunny and the turnout was spectacular.

Uncle Sam even made an appearance!

Across the street are the food booths set up by the local Japanese vendors. This is where most of the Americans were heading. Wait until you see the treats!

From the back: fried sweet potatoes, french fries, french fries with hot dogs, and cheese rolls!

 My latest food obsession, crepes, fruit and whipped creme!

 My husband’s latest food obsession: marinated, grilled steak on a stick, of course.

America Day was a welcome reminder of the sounds and tastes of home, whether that home be the U.S. or Japan. Sharing food and creating new memories reminds us of how much we really have in common. Enjoying a sunny day. Savoring a hot, fresh funnel cake. Tapping your foot to “Sweet Home Alabama”. These are the simple moments that make life so sweet.


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