Book Covers: A Love Affair

I love a good book jacket. So often I find myself wondering the aisles of our local library just hoping for that serendipitous moment when the color, type, or photo on the outside of a book with catch my attention. Sometimes its like we are strangers meeting across a room.

What causes us to stop, pause, and make our way over to that certain book, hoping for that instantaneous connection that will compel us to pick it up? Looks do count. Sure, a great story helps, but the packaging has to intrigue you. Engage you.

To me the best book covers are those with a sense of humor.

This little gem was designed by Marc Cozza.

I love the creative use of text and image by John Gall.

This cover idea has been done before, but it still works. This was designed by David Pearson. Do you have a love affair with book covers?



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2 responses to “Book Covers: A Love Affair

  1. My book cover came in last night. It’s an exciting time for this old Doc.

    Dr. B

  2. kelliebuelo

    you are too cute. i want to read that jonathan letham book – did you ever read motherless brooklyn? it was on our book club list as my pick, written by jonathan letham. i loved it.

    i have a thing for book covers, and album artwork! it makes me sad everything’s going digital for that very reason. i’m very reluctant to get into the digital book world as much as i was digital music!

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